About mama mantras

We developed mama mantras out of a truly personal need. We often find ourselves needing a moment – maybe the kids are crying, work is busy, your boss is demanding. You need a moment to refocus, to take a breath and gather yourself. For us, we often seek refuge in the bathroom, the often the only remaining place with any privacy. (Who are we kidding? There is no privacy in our homes but at least we can close the door!)

These mantras are for those moments. Instead of (or in addition to) just staring at yourself in the mirror, questioning all the decisions you made in the last year or so, pull out a mama mantra. We hope it will help you open that door and face the rest of your day, whether at the office or at home.

Background Info

mama mantras is the brain child of long-time friends, Karissa Liloc and Megan Notarte. Our friendship has spanned over 10 years and has been a series of collaborations. The first collaboration was a web design company in college that got us both started on our careers in the internet industry. Today finds us, ten plus years later, 130 or so miles apart, married and 4 kids later, building mama mantras and blogging together at Mom Blog Work